Kitchen Roll 3 Ply Maxx Pack of 3 Jumbo Rolls

£ 3.50 each

Pack of 3 Jumbo Rolls. Kitchen roll 3 ply Maxx by Little Duck.
3 ply, all purpose kitchen roll. 
Super absorbent, extra large sheets.
70 sheets per roll, 210 sheets per pack.
Triple layer strength - the extra large sheets and triple layer strength means less effort and less paper needed for stains, dirt and dust.
Maxx 3 ply jumbo is an all purpose kitchen roll by Little Duck and is strong enough for any household task including spills, windows and mirrors.
Light weight, super absorbent - these cleaning towels are durable and convenient to use.
This Maxx Jumbo roll is made up of premium quality material for extra strength and absorption.
Sold in packs of 3 rolls.